The Alcon Universal Sprayer Pump has developed a reputation as a reliable, high performance and trouble free sprayer. This assures the sprayer to be cost effective in any programme. Recommended for Indoor Residual Spraying & for Larviciding. Can be used on all types of surfaces, in rural, urban and industrial areas.

  • High quality durable and versatile 15-litre sprayer pump with replaceable parts.
  • Used in public health disease prevention and agriculture pest prevention and control i.e. Malaria Control
  • Stainless steel tank withstands chemical and pesticide formulations used.
  • Application of residual insecticides to walls, ceilings and outdoor surfaces for control of disease carrying fly’s and mosquitos.
  • The Alcon Universal Sprayer pump has one pressure gauge on the top of the tank. This indicates the internal tank pressure and confirms the proper performance of the sprayer.