As the distributor of LARVEX 100 we have been working together in a number of countries throughout Africa for several years, using our products as a combination that can have a huge impact among communities threatened by MALARIA — and achieving excellent results.

 LARVEX 100 is quite an exception as it is completely biodegradable, because it is derived from natural resources and is highly cost effective.

LARVEX 100is composed of 100% active monomolecular ingredients, for use against all Mosquito types.

LARVEX 100 can be used in pools, wells, storage tanks, dams, reservoirs and potable waters with complete safety and minimal effect on non-target organisms. Because LARVEX 100is derived from natural oil, known as water insoluble surfactants, it is completely non-toxic and bio-degradable.

 Ten good reasons for using LARVEX 100

1. Derived from replaceable resources.

2. Complete biodegradability.

3. Cost effective.

4. Active against insecticide resistant varieties.

5. Unlikelihood of emergence of resistant mutants.

6. Easy to apply.

7. Little effect on non-target organisms.

8. Usage by general public.

9. Wide spectrum effect on all stages of mosquito development.

 LARVEX 100is in official use in Asia, Europe, South America as well as in Africa.

LARVEX 100is a non-poisonous, non- toxic formulation that can be used safely and effectively without special equipment or training.


This product was developed in the UK and has been used successfully all over the world. It has been tested and approved by the National Malaria Control Centre of the Zambian Ministry of Health, as well as many other official organisations as far and wide as Sri Lanka, Kenya and South America.