About Us

Bugstop products are manufactured by Regent Laboratories. Regent Laboratories is a dynamic enterprise, specializing in international marketing of products for Malaria Control. Our core strength lies in our basic knowledge of a wide range of products. Our emphasis is on the Public Health Products.

Our objective lies in the protection & promotion of health and a customer centric approach has earned us a preferred position in the international market.

Regent Laboratories holds registration of our various products in several countries.

We offer our products with maximum possible documentary support to enable our customers to obtain registration.

We export products that are in-house as well as outsource product to suit our client’s needs. Our production facilities are well equipped, complying with the environmental and regulatory requirements. Many products are made-to-order as per the specific requirement of our customers.

We are equipped to provide our customers with wide range of products that are designed to be used in the field of private health, public health and animal health.

An intensive market focused approach as well as aggressive marketing of products with specialized back up personal has ensured our steady growth in the International market.

We have satisfied customers and government departments in many local countries such as Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and numerous other countries.

Our strength lies in the intensive knowledge of our wide range of products and their applications.

To guarantee quality products for our customers we follow FAO / WHO guidelines

We outsource suppliers when necessary, ensuring these suppliers are the best in the industry. The various products they supply are tested and evaluated in-house and via respective government agencies, with proper analysis.