This presentation covers our integrated “full circle” approach to the prevention of malaria, offering the following benefits:

  • Tried and tested – with highly successful results
  • Over a period of several years
  • In Africa, for Africa, by Africans
  • All components are available from a single supplier – Regent Laboratories
  • Resulting in a convenient, complete, efficient, cost effective system

As the distributors of Bugstop™, we have been working together in a many countries throughout Africa, using our products as a combination creating a huge impact among communities threatened by malaria, and achieving excellent results.

Our company subscribe to an “integrated malaria prevention strategy”. We believe that malaria is best reduced and controlled by a variety of methods, with people working together within communities, teaching ways to eliminate, prevent or avoid mosquito bites as well as eradicating the problem at source, thus preventing mosquitoes from breeding.

By combining the preventative properties of Bugstop™ insect repellents with larviciding Bugstop™ Bti or Bugstop™ Temephos (which works directly where mosquitoes breed) coupled with Bugstop™, “Lambda-Cyhalothrin 10% WP, Lambda-Cyhalothrin 10% SC and Deltamethrin 25% WG”, broad spectrum sprays have achieved excellent results in many mosquito infested regions.

Bugstop™ BACILLUS THERINGIENSIS Var. ISRAELENSIS (Bti) WG  is exceptional as it is completely biodegradable, and is highly cost effective.

Bugstop™ products are stable and effective. Developed by Regent Laboratories, who also distribute the Larvex 100™ brand. These products, together with Bugstop™ insect repellents, can be used with complete confidence due to their excellent international credentials.

Bugstop™ BACILLUS THERINGIENSIS Var. ISRAELENSIS (Bti) WG (Bti) is particularly effective against the Anopoline and Aedes species of mosquitoes, which are malaria carriers. Bti can be used in pools, wells, storage tanks, dams, reservoirs and portable water with complete safety and minimal effect made.

When combined with basic education about controlling and eradicating malaria carrying mosquitoes, the use of Bugstop™ residual indoor spraying products, larviciding and Bugstop™ insect repellent can bring about almost complete freedom from malaria.

Our team of trainers travel throughout Africa, offering experience and products that result in a dramatic improvement wherever malaria is a serious problem.

As we understand the need for cost effective solutions, our procedures are simple and our management structure is compact, efficient and quick. We are dedicated to the work we do against malaria and would be proud to assist in any possible way that will benefit other communities.