Working Together

  • Regent Laboratories is one of the leading players in the Roll Back Malaria Initiative.
  • Our products are successfully evaluated and being used by the Zambia National Malaria Control Centre, the Zambia Copper-Mines and the private sector in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, and numerous other sub-Sahara countries and globally from South America to the Far-East.
  • Regent Laboratories also offer technical assistance in care and maintenance of equipment,  formulation handling and application; safety and environmental protection, as well as sprayer operator training.
  • We give advice on how to larvicide water bodies that are positive mosquito breeding sites, if they cannot be drained or buried (appropriate source reduction).
  • We encourage the use of Bugstop™  residual insecticides for spraying in homes and camping sites (appropriate adulticiding).
  • We encourage the use of Bugstop™  repellent for all night duty officers or persons engaged in evening functions (appropriate personal protection) outside recreational pursuits.
  • We advise all persons to sleep under a Bugstop™  insecticide treated net (appropriate personal protection).